Zen Card x Metis: Marketing Proposal

Zen Card is an NFC hardware wallet developed by Ninety Eight with the mission of redefining the needs for security and management of everyone’s cryptocurrency assets. Zen Card now supports 100+ networks, including EVMs and non-EVM chains.

Zen Card Docs

Our Specialties

Zen Card allows quick connections with Coin98 Super Wallet to sign transactions by simply tapping the card on a smartphone. Its split-key technology ensures the highest level of crypto asset security within the Web3 landscapes.

Here are some key features that make Zen Card the must-have NFC hardware wallet:

  • Supporting over 100 blockchains and continuously expanding to future chains
  • Innovative key storage mechanism which minimizes hacking risks and maximizes security
  • Ultra-portable design as a bank card that allows you to carry your digital wealth securely wherever you go
  • Empowering users with complete control over their keys and assets, unlocking the full potential of decentralized finance (DeFi)
  • Securing your coins and tokens from third-party meddling.
  • Plus, Zen Card can double up as a smart electronic business card for seamless networking in the Web3 realm

Benefits for Users
Zen Card allows quick connections with Coin98 Super Wallet to sign transactions by simply tapping the card on any NFC-supported devices. Users can securely transfer and receive their METIS tokens and other tokens on the Metis network using our Zen Card. Furthermore, users can access and interact with their preferred dApps on Metis with more security than ever. Stay tuned for more surprises that await you once the proposal is approved.

Benefits for Metis Ecosystem
We’ve already integrated the Metis chain into Zen Card, this will allow our Zen Card users to explore and interact with Metis seamlessly. Additionally, we can help Metis establish a stronger presence in Asia, particularly in Southeast Asia. Once the proposal is approved, we can work together on exclusive marketing campaigns specifically designed for Metis users and its ecosystem, which could potentially attract thousands of new users.

Now that we’ve completed the integration and announcement on our end, we’re eager to be featured on the Metis Ecosystem page. Once approved by the Governance, we can potentially launch an exclusive social giveaway called ‘Web3 For Everyone’ for Metis users.
At Zen Card, we strongly believe that Web3 fosters a new era where everyone, regardless of background or identity, enjoys equitable access and opportunities. This mission matches with the idea that anyone, anywhere, can thrive in a decentralized economy from Metis. From this giveaway, Metis users will be rewarded with Zen Card GMVN Limited Edition.

Zen Card has integrated with Metis and various dApps of the blockchain. By now, Metis users can securely store and manage crypto assets as well as seamless connection with these dApps on Metis. We’re submitting this proposal in the hopes of gaining approval from Metis governance. After receiving approval, we intend to launch a campaign with Metis called ‘Web3 For Everyone’ to engage with community, expand Metis ecosystem, and bring in thousands of new users to DeFi.

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Hey there! great to hear that you have already integrated into Metis. A few questions:

Is the zen card available to all countries or are there restrictions in some regions? And on the security side, have you had any third-party audits done yet?

Love what you are building keep it up… PS: I’m looking forward to the ‘web3 for everyone’ campaign.