Zeus Swap , Metis-Native CLMM DEX

In the context of the rapid development of the Metis ecosystem, Zeus Swap team is happy to announce that testing of its concentrated liquidity DEX is completed and we have launched Zeus Swap on Metis Testnet :point_right: https://zeus-swap.network

Zeus Swap is a liquidity protocol built on Metis blockchain.
It focuses on delivering a better trading experience and upgraded capital efficiency to DeFi users through the process of building its concentrated liquidity protocol and a series of affiliate functional modules on Metis L2 Blockchain.

Zeus Swap will allow users to set a specific price range to add liquidity. With CLMM’s price range settings, users can make range order trading to meet their various trading needs, which is very similar to limit order trading on a centralized exchange.


→ Native to Metis Concentrated Liquidity Market Maker

→ Effective Liquidity Farming

→ Capital Efficient Liquidity Provision with Higher Revenue

→ Simplified UX for easy LP experience

Contract Addresses(Testnet)

Factory: 0x7a1bEaa475d64198eB3E2A40F191c064caa7bdBb
WMETIS: 0x577dDC8c1bb948cdcF123Cd1f453Be80875Ec1F3
Router: 0xc2cF38410630E9060E35BCb242e1B85391Cda16e
Quoter: 0xcb17B502303D08c993b4FD83a7CbF3D10a3bA61A
NFTManager: 0xa17D52f59a6eeeEfA29Db70Bcc174BBC9C594243

Useful Links

Pitch Deck : DocSend
Docs: https://docs.zeus-swap.network/overview/introduction
Web: https://zeus-swap.network (Metis Testnet Live)
Discord Community: Discord
Twitter: https://twitter.com/_zeus_swap