MIP-4 Proposal: Decentralize Testnet Sequencer and Activate Community Testing


This is a proposal to decentralize the Testnet sequencer and activate Season 1 of Community Testing. Five innovative DeFi dApps will be at the forefront of this activity, facilitating activities and competitions throughout Season 1.


The purpose of this proposal is to properly decentralize the sequencer infrastructure deployed on Testnet, and to activate Community Testing to help Metis developers stress-test the new architecture.


Rollups were born to scale Ethereum while leveraging its security and decentralization. To do so, rollups must be able to inherit these guarantees from the underlying blockchain (Ethereum), and they can only do it by implementing 2 key components: A decentralized proving system, and a Decentralized Sequencer. Most rollups are currently working on launching or improving their fraud-proof mechanisms, but no one, until now, was working on the other key 50%: decentralizing the Sequencer. Metis has been working on both.

Later in 2024, Metis will launch a decentralizing zero-knowledge proof system. This will enhance security, decentralization, and will shorten the finality-time, which has historically been the main pain point for Optimistic Rollups. But, let’s come back to January. Metis is soon to launch the first-ever Decentralized Sequencer. This will eliminate the single point of failure that all Ethereum L2s are currently subject to, and it will enable:

  • Enhanced censorship-resistance
  • 24/7 liveness
  • Enhanced security
  • Revenue sharing

It’s certainly an exciting time for the Metis ecosystem, and the best thing is:

All community members can directly contribute to the deployment of the Decentralized Sequencer, without needing any coding knowledge, by participating in Community Testing.


Metis proposes Season 1 of Community Testing to kick off on Monday, January 15, focused on incentivizing interactions with dApps.

Each dApp will have different actions that can be performed by users to earn points, such as swaps, opening long/short positions, and more, depending on each of the participant decentralized applications (dApps). The dApps that will be participating in Season 1 are:

  • League.Tech
  • Tethys Finance
  • Midas Games
  • Netswap
  • Hummus Finance


The upcoming SocialFi platform on Metis that built on top of existing participants like Friend.tech, but also introduces innovative features on top, such as a unique shorting mechanism, dynamic reputation and badge system, League creation and betting, and a three-tiered access model.

Tethys Finance

Perpetual contracts trading platform (Perps DEX) that allows users to trade BTC, ETH, AAVE, and METIS with up to 50x leverage. Additionally, liquidity providers can stake TLP, and bet against the traders.

Midas Games

On-chain prediction market games, starting with a new lottery game!


Decentralized Exchange and Launchpad enabling swaps, and allowing users to provide liquidity in V2 pools.

Hummus Finance

Single-sided AMM focused on Stable Swaps. Users can swap stable crypto assets with minimal slippage, and liquidity providers can provide funds with minimal impermanent loss risk. Hummus recently added weighted pools, allowing liquidity providers to pair stables with BTC, ETH, and METIS too, thus creating deeper liquidity.


The rules for Community Testing are quite simple. Everyone can participate in it, and users will earn points based on which and how many actions they’ve performed in the different dApps. However, there are some important mechanics to take into consideration for a successful performance:

Token Mint

The following table describes the amount of Testnet tokens distributed to the users depending on how early they joined the airdrop (distributed in different tokens):

Earliness <100 users <500 users <2000 users <10000 users Remaining users
$ Amount 10,000 5,000 2,000 500 200

Simply put, the first 100 users will receive $10,000 in Testnet tokens; the first 500 participants, $5,000 in Testnet tokens; the first 2,000 participants, $2,000 in Testnet tokens; the first 10,000 users, $500 in Testnet tokens; and all users joining later will receive $200 in Testnet tokens


All participants will be able to earn the same amount of points by completing each action.

But there’s a twist!

If the dollar amount held by a participant is larger than their points amount, their points will be replaced by their Testnet dollar amount. So, you want to make it early to the Community Testing Token Mint!

Repeated Actions

For repeated actions, each time a participant completes an action after their first attempt, they will receive 75% the amount of points as the previous attempts. This will encourage completion of all tasks on all participant dApps, given the first tries will be the ones worth the most points.

However, it’s important to keep in mind that potential rewards will be proportional to the participants’ ranks, based on points. Participants will be encouraged to earn as many points as possible.


Each day, the official Metis handle will share a riddle or question that will offer a specific boost. Some will offer a fixed amount of points, some will offer a 1.25x boost for the participant’s points, and some will have different benefits. Turn notifications on for @MetisDAO on X!


The proposal aims to decentralize the Testnet Sequencer and activate Community Testing. Assuming the community votes YES, Season 1 of Community Testing will begin on Monday, January 15. Season 1 will incentivize interaction with dApps, and will help the Metis developers stress-test the Decentralized Sequencer. We encourage the Metis community to go over the proposal comprehensively Today, and get ready to vote Tomorrow!

Vote will be up from Thursday, Jan 11th 2024, and will be live for 72 hours.


i am really looking forward the vote result as favour for us. very exciting for the testnet. Thanks to the team


I’m particularly intrigued with including the newly launched dApps like League.Tech, Midas, and the older DeFi Dapps like Tethys Finance, and Hummus Finance in the testnet. This underscores the potential for diverse and comprehensive testing scenarios, which is essential for evaluating the robustness of the decentralized sequencer across different types of DeFi applications.


Kudos to the team thus far in this major L2 upgrade and the detailed proposal presenting Metis’ plan to decentralize the Testnet sequencer and launch Season 1 of Community Testing. The initiative addresses key issues of scalability, security, and decentralization within rollups effectively.

Been waiting for this moment for way too long. It’s a YES from me - decentralise the sequencer!

I anticipate observing the outcomes of Season 1 and subsequent developments as Metis progresses towards a decentralized and secure infrastructure. LFG Metisans!


I’m very much looking forward to this proposal going ahead. We need something new


I am super excited for the upcoming launch of the Decentralized Sequencer! It signifies a major leap in addressing the vulnerabilities of Ethereum L2 solutions, fostering enhanced censorship-resistance, constant uptime, and shared revenue opportunities. This development not only strengthens the infrastructure but also sets a new standard for Ethereum rollups.

The structure of Season 1 of Community Testing is particularly engaging. It presents a dynamic and interactive environment where participants can engage with various dApps, earning points through diverse activities. The incorporation of League.Tech, along with other leading dApps like Tethys Finance, Midas Games, Netswap, and Hummus Finance, provides a rich and diverse testing ground. Each of these platforms brings unique features and challenges, making the testing process not only comprehensive but also enjoyable.

The Metis team’s dedication to innovation and community involvement is commendable. I eagerly look forward to the things to come in the near future for Metis!


ready to contribute to the growth of this project’


i vote for yes… what you think guys?


Wow… Interesting

What a great opportunity for Metisians to earn sweet points. And kudos the dApp participating in Metis season1 community testing.

Super anticipating the date!


i vote for yes’
hope i got the 10 lakh + money this year


is voting over bcoz i dont see an option to vote?

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i am really looking forward the vote result as favour for us. very exciting for the testnet. Thanks to the team

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Finally! Very exited to see this great proposal and soon have a chance to be upon first people to test this legendary Decentralized Sequencer! And it’s very nice to see a large number of awesome participating dApps: League.Tech, Tethys Finance, Midas Games Netswap, Hummus Finance.
Can’t wait :hugs:

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I’m in full support of the proposal to decentralize the Testnet Sequencer and activate Community Testing in Season 1. Let’s stress-test the new architecture, interact with innovative dApps, and contribute to the decentralized future of the Metis ecosystem.

Let’s make Metis even more robust together!

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This is interesting, Metis team’s commitment to innovation and community engagement is admirable.

Excitedly anticipating what lies ahead for Metis!

Thanks to the team…


I am quite thrilled about the Decentralized Sequencer’s upcoming launch! It represents a significant advancement in resolving the flaws in Ethereum L2 solutions.
It’s also wonderful to see that the project has produced a solid list of Dapps, which will help the testers to successfully complete the task of stress testing the systems to make sure everything works as it should.


yes go head boom long term


I vote for the testnet!!

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Such a great set up by the team to feature some of the amazing dApps in the upcoming community testing. One amazing aspects i fully anticipate is taking part in some task to earn points.

Eagerly anticipating to navigate the socialFi platform on Metis. This will just be one of the most sort for project in the ecosystem. Come monday will be the beginning of an amazing new year journey with Metis Ecosystem.


How do we actually sign up to be testers?